Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

(in japanese)

The name of department of electrical engineering has been changed to the one of electrical and computer engineering, from April, 2003. This change corresponds to current employment situation. Many engineers are needed in an information technological industry field, to be expressed with the keywords like a multi-media, a robot and an information technology.

The lower year class students learn the basic subjects of the electric and electronics system, and the information processing during five accademic years. In the higher year class, it is possible for the students to choose the one of two courses which are an electric power application course and an information application course. The program of an electric power application course covers subjects such as high voltage engineering, power transmission and distribution, electric machinery, and energy conversion engineering. The another one of an information application covers subjects such as digital signal processing, information and image processing, information theory, programming, and operating systems.

Ichinoseki National College of Technology has two advanced courses established on April, 2001. The advanced course provides the opportunity of acquiring Bachelor's degree in Engineering within two accademic years under professor's humane guidance.

The goal of department program is to provide the graduates with entry level positions for not only as electrical engineering but also computer engineering for the broad range of opportunities available industrial fields.


HIRAYAMA Yoshihide(Professor)

Electric Circuit, Semiconductor Engineering, Information Processing, Conputer Science, Data Telecommunication Engineering, Electric Engineering Design, Electrical Engineering Drawing

NAKANO Mitsuaki(Professor)

Engineering Electromagnetics, Electric Machinery Design, Electric Circuit

KIKEGAWA Takako(Professor)

----- Under Construction -----

KONNO Osamu(Professor)

Electric Circuit, Electromagnetic Wave Engineering

ISHII Shinnosuke(Professor)

Electrical Machinery and Apparatus, Power Transmission and Distribution, Technical English, High Voltage Engineering, Applied High Voltage Engineering

TOYODA Keiji(Associate Professor)

Electric Circuit, Pulse Circuit, Electronic Measurement

AKASHI Naoyuki(Associate Professor)

Applied Physics, Ultrasonic Engineering

CHIBA Etsuya(Associate Professor)

Electronic Circuit, Telecommunication Engineering

CHIDA Eikoh(Associate Professor)

Theoretical Computer Science, Cryptology

ABE Rinji(Research Associate)

Engineering Electromagnetics, Electroacoustics

KAN Takahisa(Research Associate)

Information Processing, Computer Science, Information System


Experiments in Electrical Engineering(I)(II)(IV)(VB)

WADA Fumiaki

Experiments in Electrical Engineering(I)(II)(III)(VA)